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24 ways to impress your friends

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Adrian Howard

Hey Sophie!

> When I ask someone how big their website is – how many pages it contains – I usually double or triple the answer I get

Heh, I wonder if we get different kinds of clients because I tend to go in the opposite direction and divide by two or three instead. Does that site for the conference really need the supporting document pages? Does it really need a separate page for each product? Does it really need to separate application form and contact pages? Why does the client need the site for the conference? What’s the likelihood of anybody actually visiting it? Why would they be doing that? Are they really time constrained? Maybe we just want a focussed landing page that’s going to get them onto a mailing list? And so on…

I do get clients that underestimate the page count, but the ones that overestimate, because they’re not solving the right problem, are far more common for me ;-)


Your article came just in time and it’s full of things I can actually use to show and explain why a website takes as long as it does from concept to launch. Thank you!

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