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Make Your Browser Dance


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Ok, you did it. Last year it was Rachel Nabors’s running cat animation this year it’s you. I’ve got my 7 years old daughter singing and yelling for about 3 hours and tomorrow it’s a new day. I still remember she was asking for Rachel’s animation for months, let’s see how long will she sing along and let the circles dance.

You made my day in a funny way!


Well done! I can totally see you using this for an interactive art piece. Or, have this running in a home and have it change the lighting environment in response to higher pitched speech (arguments). There are a variety of uses for this beyond the pure entertainment value.


Thank you all so much!

I’m not going to lie it did take me a while to get my head around the audio analysis :)

Next stop – controlling Rachel’s cat from last year, so it runs in time with the music :D


Yeah that is awesome. I have been wondering for awhile why the web is not yet a medium for artists. I think I might have to start reassessing what I mean by artists.

What I really love was being able to edit it whilst it was playing using Chrome Dev Tools.

Bob Borst

This is great! One thing I did notice though. When I play and pause the audio multiple times, the volume increases until it becomes distorted from clipping. I tried setting the audioElement.volume but it didn’t help. It looks like I would need to somehow change the volume before this line: analyser.connect(audioContext.destination) Any suggestions or insights you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks!


Nice! I’m making a digital X-mas card, right now I am using the HTML5 <audio> tag, but if it gets more advanced I will definitely try out the Web Audio API.

Also, the code bits are sometimes using “analyser” and sometimes “analyzer”, the demo only use the latter so it is working fabulously.

Matt Norton

That is amazing! Thank you for sharing this Ruth! I have been trying to figure a way to make audio more apart of the sites I create. I am will have fun with this :)

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