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24 ways to impress your friends

Home Kanban for Domestic Bliss


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Trever Yarrish

I am definitely going to put something like this in place. I use these techiniques all day long in my business, but have not implemented them in my peronal life. Sounds like a more fun way to address the stuff we have to do and to take it a step further, for certain items that warrent it, I could see writing full user stories with acceptance criteria… especially when it comes to tasks the kids do ;)

One question Meri, where do you put your board? I can’t see it going in a place where company might come accross it, but it also seems like it would be a travisty for it to be in our bedroom… thoughts?

Great idea and thanks for sharing.


Trever, we keep ours on a metal whiteboard (so we can use fridge magnets when needed and move it around easily. It’s about 80cm x 30cm and we leave it in our lounge, but can pop it away under the stairs pretty easily if we have people round for dinner or whatnot ;-)

We do definitely find it helps to have it visible when we’re watching TV or just hanging out – means we don’t go too long without reviewing together. Some people prefer an electronic version (Trello is great, for instance) but we really like the physical moving of cards around as it helps us have better discussions.


Lots of geek tools can be repurposed for happier home lives. I especially love Francis Irving’s use of Github issues for his house

Michael Kjeldsen

This is brilliant – I wonder if the missus thinks the same thing, am definitely gonna suggest it. Also the Github thing mentioned by Coldclimate sounds interesting. I might try that out at home :-)

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