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Fluent Design through Early Prototyping


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Mario Hernandez

Great article. Completely agree on the importance of wireframes and prototypes. Would had loved to read your take on “in-browser” wireframes and prototypes as well of the use of rapid prototyping tools such as twitter bootstrap or zurb foundation.

Great job!

Brenna Love

Excellent article! Our designers typically present a series of static images based off of a wireframe and functional documentation. I wonder how including this in our development process would affect our timelines and project budgets. I’ll be discussing using Keynote with our team. Thanks!


I agree with the importance of wireframes because the make it easier to become a house style for a website. When you start with the basics, it is easier to change it a little bit for other pages and you keep the same style.
To many designers start immediately with designing don’t bother with a wireframe, so every page looks like it is a totally different website.

Henrik Helmers

I work as a prototyper for Opera Software UxG. I create interactive prototypes of application UIs, using CoffeScript and Sass.

Prototypes help us present a vision of the future and test our concepts—without spending too much developer time.

Ambrose Little

Just thought I’d let ya know that we recently released a new rapid, code-free prototyping tool called Indigo Studio ( Totally agree with what you’re pushing for her—that’s why we made Indigo, and we’re very focused on making it easy and fast to iterate over design ideas.

Hope you and your readers will give us a try. Oh, and V1 is totally free, forever.

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