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There’s No Formula for Great Designs


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Stuart Robson

What a great idea to edit your fluid-grid for your breakpoints. An advancement of Ethan’s technique which is just brilliant. Of course, as you say, it’s more work. But we’re all paid for this work now aren’t we.


Only one day to go, really? It’s gone too quick, again!

Benjy Stanton

Nice article, this helps clear up fluid grids for me. I agree that without great care, they can lead to designs that don’t work. I love Joni Korpi’s Frameless grid idea that you mentioned the other day, it’s certainly an easier idea to get your head around, but maybe I just cant let go of pixels? :)

Andy Parker

Thorough and well conceived concept for defining page layout. You touched on the issue of content scaling, this is clearly the next part to resolve. The line height, font-size and line widths are certainly one of the hardest hurdles for the responsive method, I wonder how well this idea for the layout will transpose to text.

Images works well at the moment with some of the concepts of 100% widths and scaling and I think it will be come easier over the next 12 months.

6 articles, 6 game changers – that’s hard boiled.


It strikes me that using this method it becomes more of a folding grid than a flexible grid. At each of the different breakpoints it is necessary to apply some max-width magic to the container for the percentages to apply and for your page elements to line up nicely on your grid. This isn’t a problem necessarily but it does mean you lose the magic of the flexible grid between the breakpoints if you want to remain true to your underlying grid.

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