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24 ways to impress your friends

Go Forth and Make Awesomeness


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Yay! I cheered when I read this article because, man, is it what a lot of us need to hear. Everyone has the capacity to make something other people can benefit from, to make someone’s day better and encourage other people.
Also, I now need a stack of Wonder Woman panties and to share this article and a pair of those panties with everyone I know.

Kemal Delali?

I love the Zappos example you pointed out. If someone out there really wants to get into the “zappos core values” trick, I must recommend the “Delivering Happiness” book, written by Tony Hsieh (@zappos). Zappos really is one of the best environments / families to work with and that is what makes the company great.

Did you know that new job candidates are offered $1000 after 7 days of training, just to leave?

Mark Snape

Great article Leslie. When I joined Rotary – an international network of business persons “united in the ideal of service” – I became aware of the Four-Way Test. Something I have since tried to maintain in my business relationships. The four way test asks four questions;

“Of the things we think, say or do:

Is it the TRUTH?
Is it FAIR to all concerned?
Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?”

Perhaps what we need are more examples of companies doing well by building good karma such as zappos and less of the companies that do well by screwing over their customers – yes banks I do mean you..


I used to be amazed by how may people hated their jobs. I was then surprised when I became exactly that person. I hated my job. Thankfully I recently did something about it and changed my career slightly and busted out on my own.

In this age of rush, rush, rush and me, me, me I believe many people forget how to be kind, let alone awesome. I think that has poisoned many working relationships and whole companies.

Thanks for being awesome and writing such an insightful article.

Anthony Garand

Perfect Leslie. Great read for a Friday night that really makes one take a step back and ask themselves why they do what they do. Hopefully this will allow people to better reflect on what it is they want to achieve, and help others discover the same. Thanks for the non-technical article to sum up the week #toomuchwork.

Tim Van Damme

Leslie, thanks. A lot of people seem to forget we’re mere humans trying to make the best of the short time we get to spend on this planet. Thanks for reminding us.

Ketan Majmudar

I find articles like this so beneficial.

Its like peeling back the layers of the code tech / CSS / HTML or javavascript [add your tech of choice here] and asking some pretty deep questions.

Why are you doing this, what are you trying to achieve….. But giving it serious focus.

It will help create a warm Ready Brek type glow shield around me and my team. Love it.

Now where is my thermal cape, it’s cold outside.

Nicolas Chevallier

It’s hard to make money on the web and keep core values.
But it’s easier to please the visitors when you have a site with a history and / or values. For beyond the idea, there is also a team that wants to share values.

Justin McGonigle

Nice article! But you’re forgetting a very important part of the equation. People also need someone to believe in them so that they can be given the chance to bloom and do good in the world. Without someone saying:“Yes. I believe in your ability. Come with us and do good,” a person will eventually not be able to sustain the belief that what they are doing is even worth their effort. Many great talents have had tragic stories simply because no one believed in them.


Shamefully only reading through the other articles now. Loved this one, Leslie.

The astonishment on people’s faces when you do something nice to them, or just smile at them shows how little of it we receive in our day-to-day lives.

Be it on the Tube, at home or at work, a little bit more kindness goes a long way.

Ron Bingham

As you said in your post – awesome. I believe going good is not just possible, but a part of my business plan. And what I’m talking about is that what I want to be doing is generating revenue while doing good for others. I personally use my business as a platform for doing good. I do appreciate the comments in this post. Thanks.

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