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24 ways to impress your friends

A Contentmas Epiphany


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Tom van den Heuvel

Excellent article!

A must-read for all my clients who think writing content for their website can wait till the last moment. I wished I sent out this article instead of regular X-mas cards…


I can’t even count the number of things I need to do to my sites after reading this. And I’m not even finished reading—you have so many good links! Thanks for the great list.


to make seven in

maybe add…
Brief, not wordy

Very clever and thoughtful, I have been wishing for the automated application to do it all whilst I devise more for it to do.


Deborah, those examples are simply quoted from Kristina’s book – not universal recommendations – so there aren’t 7 styles to stick to. The numbers in this article are almost all nonsense, sorry :)

That said, don’t start me on the ‘brief, not wordy’ debate because I might have to write another article debunking it ;-)

Graham Ashton

A wonderful article.

What would be really interesting, would be for those of us who follow your advice to keep track of the iterative changes that we make to our sites, write the results up, and then post links here for us all to share (in the style that Elliot describes in these screencasts).

I’m going to be working on splitting my site into two over the holidays (one of my projects has outgrown my blog) and your advice is welcome food for thought…


I loved reading through this article. I’m already busy with a pet project (a redesign for my portfolio), so many of these tips come in handy. I hope you don’t mind if I don’t follow the order you gave, because I already had a lot of the design planned already. Maybe a next project will get the full “Twelve Days of Contenmas” treatment. ;)


Relly, what a brilliant article, very inspiring though it also made me feel guilty for neglecting my site…
This is definitely one to go back to and put into action & soon! ~ thanks for the kick up the backside :)

Mazilu Teodor

Ironically, what I had in mind for these holidays was exactly that – redesigning my personal website!
Great article and Merry <holiday> (replace it with whatever you celebrate) to everyone!


<p>Working my way through day 1 now and I&#8217;ve already found a ton of things I could improve. This is very welcome advice &#8211; thanks so much.</p>

Impress us

Be friendly / use Textile