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What Your Turkey Can Teach You About Project Management


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Great article, just a note though, that thing about not swimming after eating is an urban myth :)

Jeff Allen

I do believe you just rocked that one. I loved the risk management table, especially for dealing with the mother-in-law. I’m glad you took the time to share, you definitely gave me something to think about next time.

Steve Fleischer

What an excellent article! PM is one area that I am particularly hopeless at – usually resulting in financial loss to me and the annoyance of the client.

I shall heed these wise words, implement the ideas and make 2009 The Year Things Went Smoothly. Thank you!

Adam Taylor

What an amazing article! I can honestly say I gave a small groan when I saw the subject matter but this article will make me a better designer to work with. I particularly like the idea of an end of project ritual.

Thank your very much Meri – what a talent you are!


Very entertaining…maybe you should tell some of my students this as their idea of organisation is a rubbish gantt chart they never look at, and and completing the project the day before it’s due in. Still remember that awesome thanksgiving dinner when Simon had to lie on the floor he was so full…


Meri – what a wonderful read….
I do love this site and find a lot of the articles very informative and inspiring – wouldn’t have thought you can do the same with an article about project management…
Love how you’ve written this – very entertaining to read – yet ever so useful! Sounds like Christmas in your house should be fab (and without too much stress)… :)
Thanks for a great article.


Hi Meri

Thank you for such a brilliant article, I will find what you have written very useful in my current role at the NHS as a kind of PM/Developer/IT Tech, I hope you love the north east as much as I have since moving here.


Christopher Scott

Meri, outstanding article. Here in our office we’ve been lucky enough to rid ourselves of the evil Gantt chart wielding, conference-call addict we had for a project manager and now deal with it more as a team. I’m forwarding this to everyone on the team, and already one of them has started to come up with a risk chart for a Q1 project. Thanks a ton, and all the best!

Ray Drainville

Meri, great article: it’s always good to be reminded of PM issues, especially when the minutiae of jobs takes us away from managing them properly!

And your book was really good, too :)

PM Hut

About the project board, there are many benefits of establishing one, as the project board assigns the Project Sponsor, approves (as you said) major changes (which removes the liability of the Project Manager shoulder), and also also handles large project conflicts that cannot be solved by the Project Manager.

For those interested, I did publish an article listing the responsibilities of the project board .

Ariane Osorio


These guidelines often get overlooked and pushed aside by many different professionals.
Your presentation is to the point and very well said. A Great article that I will share with my team!


Thanks Meri that was a very good article! I feel very inspired to go into the office tomorrow and take control of our projects!

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