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Tracking Christmas Cheer with Google Charts


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New Method

A great article on the Google Charts API thankyou! We’ve been using GD to create charts in two recent PHP applications but they didn’t look all that great to be honest. I did spy the Google Charts API but after spending an hour trying to get to grips with it decided my current charts would do.

It’s a shame Google themselves (being as great as they are) can’t produce such a well written guide to the Chart API!

Thanks Again.


Lovely rundown on the google charts API. Especially the sparklines calls which will be excellent for mobile use. Nice to know that such an easy-to-use graphing API has been made available. How did you uncover the undocumented features? Guessing that you just looked at the code behind the financial graphs.

A night of graphing experiments beckons. :)

Chris Wallace

Thanks for the lfi tip – I wrote a sparkline example using XQuery in the weekend and was searching for a solution. This is such a neat example of a really useful web service, I can’t wait to tell my students – wait for a wave of chart junk!

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