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The Neverending (Background Image) Story


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V. Hartikainen

This seems to be a good approach for creating repeating backgrounds from photos. Thanks for sharing!

By the way, and sorry for off-topic, but this website’s design is very beautiful.


Very nicely done! FOWA works beautifully on my 1920×1080 screen… which isn’t to brag about screen real estate, rather, it’s just to say that “average” screen res is always going up and finding interesting ways to design for both the 800×600 and 1920×1080 screens is crucial to designing sites nowadays. Excellent tutorial.


Ahhh, this is something I learned in college and have been using rampantly ever since. Everyone keeps asking how to do it.. and now, they know. Thus far, the only real issue I’ve ran into with this method is when the gradient of colour isn’t linear – recreating the colour effects can be a right pain in the butt to get to match without being entirely obvious. That being said… it can be done.

Excellent advice, good sir!

Michael J. Welch

You can use the Filter > Other > Offset tool, and it will move that seam to the middle of your image, or wherever you want for that matter. Then you can use the clone tool again to make sure the seam disappears.

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