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24 ways to impress your friends

Performance On A Shoe String


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Thank you very much for the wealth you’re providing us since 2005!

If I can add a little well known advise: never ever leech other’s media! Some people are funny enough to put an outrageous picture instead of that very professional chart you’ve been leeching for your website :)

Second: anything that could be done on the client-side, should be done on the client-side. Use your clients CPUs and memories if you can, but always provide a graceful downgrade for the clients that can’t handle the magic processing that others do.

Again thanks!

Paul Morriss

Thank you for all this juicy stuff. I don’t understand half of it, only being a dabbler in web stuff, but I know that should I ever need to, then I’ll come back to check it out again.

Impress us

Be friendly / use Textile