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24 ways to impress your friends

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CW Petersen

While for the most part it’s really good to see all this information in one place, I have to take issue with one part of “3. Improve your type” where the idea of using points is supported. I have found, when others do this, that it’s very frustrating when the end user (me, for instance) wants to print the item and the author/designer has used a type/size I have trouble reading. CSS-styled Points are not resizable in print or print-preview. A web document is still an electronic document until it hits the page, and should be sized in percentages/ems or anything resizable until it is a printed document, regardless of style sheet while it is still electronic.

Just my 2ยข worth.


Beautiful! I especially love the way the link URLs are displayed. Didn’t realize attr() was so well supported.

Thanks very much for these excellent suggestions.

James Wragg

To extend on what you’ve said here in part 2 & not using background images for branding; something I’ve done in the past when working on a site with a very dark background is put the on-white/print version of the logo in the HTML wrapped in a div, then using CSS hidden the image and used the on-black/website logo as the background image of the div.
Then, when looking at the print stylesheet you have a good logo to work with.

Obviously, universal PNG support would for the most part make this technique redundant.


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