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24 ways to impress your friends

Random Lines Made With Mesh


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Wow, that’s a really neat effect.
I’ve always been fond of veerle’s illustrator tutorials, very simple, straight forward and easy to follow. She’s kind of the illustrator master in my eyes; always instantly adopting all new features of the program and showing how they can be put to use.

I’ll definitely try this myself!

Ben Darlow

Ah, Illustrator. If more people knew you could make this sort of stuff this easily, and your interface weren’t rooted in 2001, people would love you as much as Photoshop. This is great stuff, Veerle; how’s about some more tips and tricks for making mathemetically-correct curves and stuff? I wrote up my experiments in trying to create such things in Photoshop but I’m sure it’s probably a lot easier in Illustrator.

Ian Halliday

Great tip, I allways do things like that the hard way, and in this case this is a huge time saver and makes this much easier. I really do need to get to know the mesh tool better!

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