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Flickr Photos On Demand with getFlickr


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Van Ash

Pretty neat idea…. I have been wanting to integrate flickr into my own site for a while and recently came across this cool script at which allows you to display and preview your own flickr photos directly on your own site. I can see that getFlickr would greatly compliment this…. two thumbs up!!

Jeff L

Chris, this is great. I’m a bit disappointed that Flickr doesn’t offer RSS feeds on sets, so this method can’t be used to pull in sets, only tags – but that’s obviously not under your control (Is it?)



I tried this out on Firefox and Firefox 2.0 under Windows XP, where it worked great.

However, in IE and Opera, I’m getting some delays in display. In Opera 9, the file name of the image displays before the thumbnail appears. In IE6 and IE7, a gray bar appears across the row before the thumbnails are displayed.


It seems to be a really cool and simple script…good work…But why does only 20 photos get displayed always ? Is there a way to display all the photos for that tag either in multiple pages or on the same page?


Thanks for another highly useful and succinct tutorial. For people, like me, who are easily confused it would be handy to have a function that communicates a ‘nothing found’ message when no tags are found.

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