It all started here, in the heady days of Web 2.0. Ajax was the first new browser technology we’d seen in years, and combined with a new breed of libraries such as Prototype, it kick-started the JavaScript renaissance.

  1. Introducing UDASSS!

    Dustin Diaz

    Dustin Diaz introduces a technique for server-side style sheet switching without reloading the page. Using Ajax, the Unobtrusive Degradable Ajax Style Sheet Switcher combines the convenience of client-side switching with the robustness of processing at the server.

  2. Splintered Striper

    Patrick Lauke

    Patrick H. Lauke concocts a rather handy little JavaScript function to help you stripe your tables, lists, bathroom, you name it. And there you were thinking the only stripy thing you were getting for Christmas was a sweater. How little do you know.

  3. Centered Tabs with CSS

    Ethan Marcotte

    Ethan Marcotte delves headlong into the sticky issue of centered, list-based tab navigation with remarkable verve and compelling results. Snuggle up by the fire with a hot toddy and a moist companion, for today’s tip is freshly ironed for sir’s pleasure.

  4. Don't be eval()

    Simon Willison

    Simon Willison gets down and dirty with JavaScript and explains why caution should be exercised in use of the eval() function. It may be the season of good will and all, but we can’t have our caution getting all flabby now, can we?