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    I just wanted to chime in here with something I don’t think has been mentioned, which I feel is very important:

    The limitations of iPhone caching (with OS3 and OS3.1. Hopefully Stoyan updates this for iOS4).

    Stoyan Stefanov has some great findings at http://www.phpied.com/iphone-caching/

    Some items I quickly gathered:

    * iPhone will not cache components bigger than 15K (this is ungzipped size, meaning if you have for example a 20K JavaScript and your server sends it gzipped down to 10K, it will not be cached by the iPhone.)

    * total cache is about 1.5MB

    * powering off the device still clears all the cache

    * consider HTML5 application cache to improve cacheability and provide offline experience

    This page is definitely worth a read.