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Why people go to such lengths to get round corners using some overcomplicated methods just to stay “100% div/css”?

Have they all forgot KISS rule?

Why not using css driven table nested inside of whole div layout for these layout elements which need round corners?

In this respect table has everything divs lack.

It helps with:

- dynamically spanned connector images (small image connecting corners)

- no problem with added content to one cell versus neighbour(s) – table always keeps expanded cell aligned to its neighbours

- very spatially clean layout – no need for dozens of overlapping divs driven by complex css, giving most of us a good head spin to visualise it

- no problem with 100% widths

- no problem with 100% heights

- no problem with keeping bottom cells on the bottom – same goes in general order of other table elements

- taking advantage of css properties – yes! you can use classes and ids (etc) here as you would with divs

… and above just for starters …

So … until css3 techs are used by browsers wide and far … wouldn’t you say that turning into “div/css zealots” does not help anyone here?