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24 ways to impress your friends

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Adrian Westlake

I am sure a lot of developers scared of HTML/CSS will appreciate and learn from this article. However, I do think advising people to just take products off the shelf ‘without worrying about responsive design’ or how things are really done is a little lazy.

If you want to use bootstrap, really understand how it works, what its limitations are, how you can apply it. Maybe you just want to take some elements of it, not all.

I am a big proponent of not reinventing the wheel, but taking this copy and paste mechanism for doing things you don’t understand very well doesn’t make for a great quality product over time. It just ends up as a mash-up of different developers code. This can often cause pain further down the line when you get coding conflicts or something does only 80% of what you really needed.

All of us have time constraints in projects and we do and will continue to make short-cuts where needed, but try to improve on what someone has done or understand it enough to really customise it to your needs.