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24 ways to impress your friends

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Im going to tell a little thing about steering designer in the way i want it. Yes im a customer who wanted website made. And yes i did steer my desinger to some extent.
The reason is simple. No matter how long i tell my designer what type of clitents are my clients and so on, he will never understand them like i do.

Often as well i see a designer putting newsletter optin box or other important from marketing pov piece of website in a completely wrong place, thus hurting the conversions.

Its just too few of you designers know things more than just graphics and coding. You also need to know or have someone to cooperate with that knows about conversion and marketing.

Not having anything against desingers or so, just saying WHY from a customer perspective so that you understand. Maybe ask your customers more on WHY they want you to do certain things and then disagree with them, instead of just disagreeing with them because they dont have design and art experience.

Just my two cents.