Ross at Pub Standards

Pub Standards is where liver-abusing web professionals from every corner of London Towne, and beyond, have descended on the Mecca of web development that is The Bricklayer’s Arms every middle-Thursday of the month. This is a little photo journal of Ross's time spent there.

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Ross will arrive sober - this is the way that things go.

Original photo by Neil Crosby on Flickr


After a short time and a few beers...

Original photo by Mark Norman Francis on Flickr


As the night goes on and the light starts to fade so too does the chance of a morning without hangover.

Original photo by Dirk Ginader on Flickr

Very drunk

Thankfully Ross is rarely alone at this point.

Original photo by Patrick Griffiths on Flickr

Words can't describe...

Christmas is such a special time of year

Original photo by PJ Barry on Flickr