1. This project will use XHTML1.0 Strict, CSS2.1 and all that malarkey. These notes will help us to keep track of any issues right here in the document.

    1 November 2006 | 09.00 GMT

  2. Those bits are simple and bulletproof. I don't foresee there being any problem on anything that we need to do here. It will be as simple as popping the cork on a bottle of wine.

    2 November 2006 | 10.00 GMT

  3. This could turn into a complex spiral if you two young pups don't start behaving yourselves.

    3 November 2006 | 11.00 GMT

  4. Don't worry, we're all still happy cogs.

    4 November 2006 | 12.00 GMT

  5. Zorthron and I are still working on Virtual Stan 2. Jason's beard is pretty hard to animate and I'm having some real trouble picking the dead badgers out of it. Can someone please suggest to Jason that he shaves it off?

    5 November 2006 | 13.00 GMT